Every week, I interview do a Youtube Live Interview with an established Webflower about their 3 biggest failures as creatives.

We'll discuss nightmare clients, money mindset issues, shiny object syndrome, the dark sides of freelancing, awkward hires, strategy flops and more. Have a gander below:

Žiga Fajfar

1st September

Žiga Fajfar is a co-founder of Flowout, the Unlimited Webflow design & development subscription service

Felix Meens

25th August

Felix Meens is an experienced digital designer and Webflow developer based in Finland and founder of Webflix Studio.

Corey Moen

18th August

Corey Moen is a Senior Brand designer at Webflow and Digital Lead at Shapemaker studio.

Shais Ahmad

11th August

Shais is the founder of Pristine Digital. In 400 days, he has grown an agency and now has 5 employees. Big growth = big failures though!

Emily Lonetto

4th August

Emily Lonetto is the Director Of Community at Webflow, the company which inspired this podcast. She talks openly about email blunders + more

Harry Roper

28th July

Harry Roper is the managing director of Imaginary Space, the web design agency for fashion & beauty.

Jenna Manthe

21st July

Jenna Manthe is the founder of Holy Moly Creative where she makes websites that make you say 'Holy Moly!'

Ethan Suero

7th July

Ethan Suero is a spanish designer who, when not freelancing, is helping Ran Segall run his Flux community. I am excited to talk to this ...

Melissa Mendez

23rd June 2022

Melissa Mendez is the fantabulous co-founder of Eurecah studios and founder of Webflow Party. She is one of those annoyingly talented peo...

Dexter Washington

30th June 2022

Dexter is the owner of Crafted Studios based in Los Angeles. A multi-talented designer and developer, he is passionate about making edito...