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wtf is webflail?

how did webflail begin?

My first year of webflow freelancing was the hardest year freelancing so far. My confidence was low, my experience was lower and I was daunted and overwhelmed by everyone talking about their achievements on social media.

I learnt to develop confidence and learn practical freelancing skills from failing over and over (and I’m still failing). I want to share the lessons from these failures (with both soft and hard skills) with people at the start of their journey to help encourage them through the critical first years of webflow freelancing when they are most vulnerable and anxious!

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webflail team

Picture of Webflail founder, Jack Redley

Jack Redley

"I'm a Webflow freelancer based in Newcastle, England. I started designing brand identities for friends at university. Following that, I became a freelancer and althought I had some client work for brand identities, clients started asking for websites. That's when I knew I had to start learning Webflow! Since then, I've never looked back. Now, I split my time between Webflail (podcasting + writing articles) and client work!"

Picture of Webflail podcast editor, Will Redley

Will Redley

"I'm all things audio at Webflail! I'm the podcast producer and strategist for Webflail but I also hosts my own podcast (The Sound Of History) and I run Purple Radio station organising and advising multiple weekly shows. Fun fact - I did my uni dissertation as an audio file. That’s how much I love audio."

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