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What is Webflail?

Webflail is a media company producing content and resources to help Webflow freelancers navigate through freelancing healthier, happier and more successfully.  


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Born To Flail

As you learn to walk, you may flail as you trip.

You reach out to grab anything to support you.
You search for anything tactile to hold.
You stumble and tumble.

It may feel hopeless at times.

You will cry, get cut and bruised.
You may feel like an imposter.
You may even want to give up.

It’s totally natural.

Everyone needs to learn by doing.
Learning to freelance is like learning to walk.
It’s a journey of flailure.

At Webflail, we aim to be the support.

The thing you find as you stumble through your first years of freelancing.
The thing you find as your searching for answers.
The thing that helps you get up and get going again...

We help Webflow freelancers take more risks by embracing failure

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The best of all Webflow freelancer and agency portfolios all in one killer place.

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The best of all Webflow freelancer and agency portfolios all in one killer place.

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The best of all Webflow freelancer and agency portfolios all in one killer place.

Webflail Team

"I'm a Webflow freelancer based in Bristol, England. I started designing brand identities for friends at university. Following that, I became a freelancer and although I had some client work for brand identities, clients started asking for websites. That's when I knew I had to start learning Webflow! Since then, I've never looked back. Now, I split my time between Webflail (podcasting + writing articles) and client work!"

Will Redley

"I'm all things audio at Webflail! I'm the podcast producer and strategist for Webflail but I also hosts my own podcast (The Sound Of History) and I run Purple Radio station organising and advising multiple weekly shows. Fun fact - I did my uni dissertation as an audio file. That’s how much I love audio."


Carter Ogunsola

Just got done listening to this and it was fire 🔥

Asher Adanehi

listening to the new @webflail👌🏽

Victor okwegada

Amazing episode @webflail with @jackredley I hope the @webflow community can watch and learn.

Mike Castillo

After listening to @ayushsoni_io on @webflail, I've been inspired to tweet more and show more work in general. Really enjoyed listening to his thought process on sharing work on social media! :)

Juan Peces

Loving the contrast between Andrea's fast-paced, metralleta-speed talk and your suave but cheeky style. She certainly has the *ovarios* to pursue her goals, no matter what. 😅 Great episode!


Adding this episode to my queue. I'm sure it will be another banger. You're on a roll with this latest batch of episodes @JackRedley1! Keep 'em coming!

Mateus Vidal

Hey @webflail thank you for sharing the best podcast of the world! I’m top 1% fan according to Spotify 😂

Fabio Nobile

@JackRedley1 didn’t get the 2,000 mins of webflail, but I came pretty close 🤩. I enjoyed every one of the 1,637 minutes I spent with @webflail in 2023. Thanks for your work!

Laura Korycka

Not a bit stalkery 😇 Top 0.5% fan - this is me! @webflail

Kevin Arleo

Sometimes flowing, always flailing. Thank you @webflail

Andrea Morgan

When I thought it couldn't get any better, a quote from Bourdain in the @webflail pod ✨

Susan Graham

Feeling energised and ready for the day ahead after: 🥊 Gym class 🤸‍♀️ Stretch & mobility 🎧 Tuning into the latest @webflail episode with @lisamsilvia ! Let’s goooo!


AWESOME episode. Thank you fellow argentines Martina and Juan for sharing your inspiring story. I feel identified, being at the same "had an argentine agency, no-one in the US knows me, I'll start over" step. And thank you @JackRedley1 for creating this space.

Geenay Kotze

The last few months I’ve been on pods non stop - these are the go to faves — - My First Million 🚀 - @webflail🔥 - Diary of a CEO - Deep Dive Ali Abdaal - The Dept

Zebediah Miller

So excited for this one!


If you haven’t signed up to their newsletter, please do. Copy is just *chefs kiss*

Max Joles

Bookmarking this one.

Matt Evans

Amazing. So so much work and even more value. Congrats guys - keep smashing it.

CC Travis

Actually me too, that podcast caused me to completely change and start a new Twitter posting strategy


Listening now. Love this podcast.


Shout out @webflail . I love the podcast, it feels professional, but I’m a more human level. You guys are doing a great job for real.

Edgar Allan

I had the opportunity to join Jack on @webflail and mentioned… Failure is a stopping point. It’s the end. It should be understood and avoided.Flailing is a process of struggle, acceptance, learning, and progress.


Went for a quick ride between 2 calls to try the new bike this afternoon. Obviously catching up with the 2 last episodes of @webflail while riding. Go check them out ! Loved the bike. Loved the windy ride. Loved the podcast.


Love the podcast dude, keep up the great work!


Thank you for having me - it was such a fun conversation. (Also nice work on the research - I can't believe you found some of those old interviews)


Not a massive newsletter reader but I'm becoming a fan of the Webflail newsletter. The latest is a bit of gold and easy to read.


Thank you for putting this together Webflail! What a great list of tools and brief explainations for why they're a good fit for your workflow. Highly recommend checking out this article - and others - if you're looking to up your freelance game in any way!


YAY!!! Catching up now. Love these episodes


Been binge-reading Webflail articles. So much value. Thanks

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