Pushing through failures feels uncomfortable so most people fear failure. When starting something unfamiliar to you, you make mistakes, you get rejected and you fail a lot.

Freelancing is no different. The more I am a Webflow freelancer, the more I know what I don't know and that can be quite overwhelming. When I think I have just got to grips with some aspect of freelancing whether that is managing the client relationship, what a contracts consists of and how to negotiate pricing, a big fat problem hits me in the face and I feel like a failure.

However, as hard as freelancing is and all the failures you have along the journey, it is important to try and re-frame failures in to learning opportunities. When we learn from failures, they are not really failures at all. When we overcome obstacles that we previously failed at, we push the boundaries of our risk tolerance.

This means we need to be willing to fail in order to be succesful freelancers.

What’s fascinating though is how failiure often forges the path to success. The award winning webflowers you follow on social media had a ton of failiures which lead them to the awards you see today. I saw this quote from Reshma Saujani, Founder Of The Girls Who Code, which I think summarises this perfectly.

“Success is the product of bravery, not perfection,” she says. “Fail first, fail hard, and fail fast.”

Webflail is to show that webflowers at the start of their freelance journey can have the peace of mind that failiure is not only natural but vital for success!




I have made countless mistakes and had many failiures on my webflow freelance journey so far. Here are just a few:

  • Niched down to work with just yoga instructor websites when no yoga instructors needed a custom website. I didn't get any work until I changed my niche.
  • Wanted to work at one particular agency so badly that after failing to get an email or call back, I literally baked them a cake and brought it to their office to try and get them to notice me. They told me they would call. They never did.
  • Tried doing Instagram reels every day for a month only to realise that they were so ineffective I might as well have not done it.
  • Almost lost $8000 when I worked as a freelancer for an agency because I didn't ask for a formal contract.

Nb. I am NOT a webflow master.

I am still making mistakes and failing. But I am eager and hungry to learn from Webflow masters. Join me as I do this by watching episodes with Webflow experts at the top of their game!