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Johnnie Gomez

Ep 71

Why Johnnie walked away from an agency he built for 10 years

Agency Building
January 9, 2024

Welcome to Episode 71 of Webflail with Johnnie Gomez.

He’s Staff Brand Designer, Web at Webflow but before joining webflow in 2019, he ran a digital agency together with my business partner for the last decade. They worked with all sorts of clients in all kinds of projects including fashion campaigns, ads, branding, store design & signage, web design and development, mailing and drip campaigns. ANYTHING CREATIVE, JOHNNIE HAS DONE IT.

Kevin arleo quote from LinkedIn:

“Johnnie is that kind of people that is hard to find. There is no need to say that he is an amazing, chameleon-like designer that can do any type of work with brilliance because his work speaks for himself. But the thing is, that Johnnie is an incredible human being with a great sense of empathy. I have never seen someone who cares so much for his coworkers and the design community. He is always willing to teach and learn from others. His energy and kindness are contagious. My advice for anyone considering working with Johnnie would be: DO IT, don't miss that opportunity.”

The failures that we will talk about today are:

  1. Scaling his 10-year old agency in Argentina, or NOT doing this.
  2. Trying to freelance but bellyflopping and drowning.
  3. Not understanding cultural implications

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