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I'm writing practically all the articles which Ilove doing but I am just one voice. This is a problem because there are simply so many ways to freelance and while I can write about other people's experiences, it would be far better coming forom them first hand.

How do you get clients? What was your biggest freelancing fail so far? How much should you carger for a website in your opinion? Why did you start or choose not to start an agency and what have your learned from that experience.?

And I would love more and more people to actually... you know, contribute into this kind of spirit of helping share experiences and be vulnerable to help others grow and develop in the freelance space.

If you would like to write for Webflail, please do click the link below or click the button below and send me your experience and I can publish it on the Webflail website and send it out in the newsletter.

If it's something that you have experienced that you've struggled with and have learned something from, then I have no doubt that someone else in the community is currently facing that same experience. I would love to hear different experiences from different parts of the world to have a wider view of Webflow freelancers.

Share your experiences and lessons learnt by writing an article for your fellow Webflower!


Wanna come on the pod?

I'm trying to get as many guests as possible from all different parts of the world. I've noticed that there's a specific type of Webflower that seems to get a lot of airtime. And it's generally male, white, and speaks English as their first language. And maybe that's just my Twittersphere. Maybe that's just, I'm exactly those three things. So maybe that's just the algorithm or whatever.

But what I really wanna do is to try and maybe encourage people who've never been on a podcast to come on Webflow podcast, or maybe people who might not consider themselves hugely successful yet, but they're wanting to get there and they're trying to push to be that. And I'm not talking necessarily about financial success, I'm just talking about whatever success is to you, because I think it's really important to say that someone who is happy, healthy, and motivated, and passionate, that might be success rather than someone who, I don't know, living all over the world and has a Lamborghini and whatever else.

So what I'm trying to say is if you wanna be on the Webflail Podcast and you're from Antarctica or Guinea Bissau or East Timor. If you're, you know, from somewhere that you feel is underrepresented on the Webflail podcast, or if you think that you have good lessons to share, then please click the button below.

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