How To Create A Team Culture In An Agency | With Marcelo Russo

Welcome to episode 16 of Webflail with Marcelo Russo.

Marcelo is the CEO and Creative Technologist of Fri3nds Agency. Marcelo is an Argentinian computer grad that cut his teeth working for different tech companies before starting his own agency. We dig in to this during this episode!

My favourite part of the episode was when marcelo talked about how he has managed to create his agency culture at Fri3ends agency. One of Marcelo’s success metric is how many of his employees transcend the company and go on to take on bigger and greater things, even when employee relationships are difficult. This is exemplified by a past employee that Marcelo had to let go of that years later brought Fri3ends agency a substantial client. To build that trust takes a lot of managerial attention and dligence. He says the secret sauce to creating this agency culture is treating every employee as a person, not a resource to be used.

An interesting question, whether you are growing an agency or not, is how do you want to be remembered? What do you want people to say about you when you’re gone? and if you were to grow an agency, how would you want people to treat you even when they have left the company?

The three failures Marcelo talks about in this episode are:

1) Failing to create a unique company

2) Failing to trust his gut with clients and hires.

3) Failing to to prevent his past from defining his present worth

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