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Christina Liubynska

Ep 89

How to get Webflow clients from Twitter

Client Work
May 14, 2024

Hello and welcome to episode 89 of Webflail.

I'm your host, Jack, your failure connoisseur, and today my guest is Christina Liubynska.

She is constantly juggling different projects.

With Supercharged, she she helps early stage startups by consulting, designing and developing websites that bring them higher profits and happier clients.

She also freelances with agencies like Nexus Creative with Dylan Harrocks and with ViDesigns with Vimalam Vijayasekaran.

With Navbar Gallery, she’s building the home to the best navbars on the internet. She’s one of those people that’s a multi-talented but for someone as young as Christina is and as talented as she is, she’s pushed her comfort zone a lot.

Naturally, failure has been part of her story just like any successful webflower we have on the pod!

The failures we’ll talk about in today’s episode are:

  1. Not building an audience earlier
  2. Wasting a year designing for free for a startup
  3. Not getting any projects or work in nearly a year

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