From Six Figures Of Debt To Thriving New Business | With Yannick Lorenz

Welcome to Episode 18 of Webflail with Yannick Lorenz (also known as Yaya).

3 years ago, he co-founded the a creative studio called Shadow. Believing it was the way to success and life he wanted, he hired stuff quickly, made up systems and processes as he went along for staff, and said yes to client requests to satisfy their demands. The combination of internal and external pressures almost forced Yaya to close Shadow but he managed to turn it around.

Now, he works on Crème which launched this year which curates opportunities for the world's top Webflow talent.

The three failures Yaya talks about in this episode are:

1. Failing to spot that he was hiring and growing his agency too fast

2. Failing to prevent debts, loans and too much risk

3. Failing to put in place processes and systems


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