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Webflow Freelancer 2024 Planner

Planning the year is hard. Who knows what is going to happen, right? Although there are a lot of unforeseen circumstances, one thing you can dictate are being as intentional as possible with your time. This Webflow Freelancer 2024 Planner ensures that you can get your shit together to give yourself the best chance of achieving what you want to achieve!


Carter Ogunsola

Just got done listening to this and it was fire 🔥

Asher Adanehi

listening to the new @webflail👌🏽

Victor okwegada

Amazing episode @webflail with @jackredley I hope the @webflow community can watch and learn.

Mike Castillo

After listening to @ayushsoni_io on @webflail, I've been inspired to tweet more and show more work in general. Really enjoyed listening to his thought process on sharing work on social media! :)

Juan Peces

Loving the contrast between Andrea's fast-paced, metralleta-speed talk and your suave but cheeky style. She certainly has the *ovarios* to pursue her goals, no matter what. 😅 Great episode!


Adding this episode to my queue. I'm sure it will be another banger. You're on a roll with this latest batch of episodes @JackRedley1! Keep 'em coming!

Mateus Vidal

Hey @webflail thank you for sharing the best podcast of the world! I’m top 1% fan according to Spotify 😂

Fabio Nobile

@JackRedley1 didn’t get the 2,000 mins of webflail, but I came pretty close 🤩. I enjoyed every one of the 1,637 minutes I spent with @webflail in 2023. Thanks for your work!

Laura Korycka

Not a bit stalkery 😇 Top 0.5% fan - this is me! @webflail

Kevin Arleo

Sometimes flowing, always flailing. Thank you @webflail

Andrea Morgan

When I thought it couldn't get any better, a quote from Bourdain in the @webflail pod ✨

Susan Graham

Feeling energised and ready for the day ahead after: 🥊 Gym class 🤸‍♀️ Stretch & mobility 🎧 Tuning into the latest @webflail episode with @lisamsilvia ! Let’s goooo!

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