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Florian Bodelot

Ep 82

How have Digidop become the no 1 Webflow agency in France? 🇫🇷

Client Work
March 26, 2024

Today my guest is Florian Bodelot. I've definitely pronounced your name wrong there. He is the co-founder of Digidop. He met his co-founder, Thomas Labonne, in school and they thought wow there's an opportunity with the no code space in France. It wasn't so well known so they doubled down on a tool called Webflow which you may have heard of.

And since then, they're like a runaway train. These guys are now a Webflow professional partner, Client First certified. And in 2023, they won professional partner of the year. The rise has been pretty dramatic for Digidop. After translating Client First documentation for FinSuite a couple of years ago, they have seriously leveled up their game, growing a team and doubling down on content creation too. They have their own YouTube channel, TikTok, Instagram. These guys are going in on content, which we'll also talk about today.

So has it all no pain au chocolat on their journey to Digidop domination for these frenchmen? Of course not.

The failures that we'll talk about today are:

  1. Believing saying no to clients meant losing opportunities
  2. two, selling features over benefits
  3. forgetting how sport was making Florian a better man.

So, embrace and learn from failure in episode 82 of webflail with Florian

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