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Kendra Rainey

Ep 90

Why you should ask more questions as a Webflower

Agency Building
May 22, 2024

Today my guest is Kendra Rainey.

She’s the coolest woman I know.

She’s the VP of Strategy of Content at Edgar Allan in Atlanta in the States.

She’s writing a book about branding and a dead simple strategy for people if wondering if branding is bullshit.

She’s a strategist and writer who's been shaping brands and creating creating content for companies big and small for the past decade and a half.

She’s been a freelancer, a big brand-agency strategist and most recently, manage the brand and content strategy practice at a boutique digital product shop

Naturally, failure has been part of her story just like any successful webflower we have on the pod!

The failures we’ll talk about in today’s episode are:

  1. Failed to launch a career in public education and then failed to be a big-shot NYC agency creative
  2. Being a crappy off-the-cuff performer for a long time
  3. I spent a lot of time failing at appearing confident and assertive in your younger years

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