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Past sponsors include:

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  • 90+ episodes
  • 1500 - 2000+ monthly audio downloads
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  • 8.89% click rate
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Video Testimonials


Initial Call

Initial call to work out what your needs are and if we're a good fit working together.

Communiction setup

If we are, I'll set up the communication chanell (slack most likely) which we will speak through for the sponsorships duration and figure out when we're calling.

Creative for review

I'll then come up with ideas for the creative and send them over for approval.

Weekly reporting on the creative

Once approved, I'll schedule them at the agreed time and report back at the end of each week with stats and how to improve results

Ongoing relationship

Hopefully, our first engagement goes well, we can talk about an ongoing relationship


“Jack is a pleasure to work with. Great communicator and has built a sizeable audience that trusts him in the Webflow space. I look forward to working with him to promote Edgar Allan products to the Webflow space together.”

Mason Poe


"I just had a really great experience working with Jack. Our goal was to promote a free resource which showcases the best Webflow projects and I'm just really happy with the results. Jack did a great job of guiding me through each step of the process. I never felt lost. I always knew what was needed from me, when it was needed, and what I could expect from him next. Once things were implemented, the reporting was seamless... Definitely feels worth it to me. So overall, I'd say it was a great process, great experience, I'm glad we did it. So yeah, I hope this video was helpful and thanks again, Jack, for all the help."

Duncan Hamra

Founder and CEO of Memberstack

“Webflail is great to work with. Jack knows the Webflow scene very well, he actively comes up with different creative ideas to attract the Webflow audience. Excited to worktogether again in the future.”

Max Haining

CEO of 100 Days Of No-Code

What Webflail can do for you

While Webflail has a small audience, it's highly engaged and focussed on Webflowers (and no one else)

Other partners


No creative guidance. Partners don't always provide support to determine the best outcome
Before paying anything, I offer a free call to understand the problem  that you're looking to solve
No tracking. If there is tracking, it's not clear where that traffic is coming from
We use Convertkit to track clicks for emails and Bitly for links in articles, social posts, vids and podcast
No ongoing relationships
We want to iterate with you over time for best results
No context in the newsletter advert or podcast episode
I test the product or service I promote thoroughly to make sure I knowhow to pitch it to Webflowers
No authority
I have done almost 100 interviews with the Webflow community, worked for 2 Webflow agencies and have freelanced
No reporting
Weekly reporting and weekly meetings
No follow up
Communiting through slack, email! Will check in tosee how marketing efforts are going and always willing to advise


Understand exactly what you pay for before engaging ina partnership!

Book a call
Book a call
What's the process of working together?

1) Initial call to work out what your needs are and if we're a good fit working together.

2) If we are, I'll set up the communication chanell (slack most likely) which we will speak through for the sponsorships duration and figure out when we're calling.

3) I'll then come up with ideas for the creative and send them over for approval.

4) Once approved, I'll schedule them at the agreed time and report back at the end of each week with stats and how to improve results.

Do you do newsletter swaps?

Yes! Email me

Who have you worked with on sponsorships before?

Memberstack, EdgarAllan have been the two largest sponsorships we've done in the Webflow space.

What are the best and worst results you have had from a sponsorship engagement?

Best results was with Memberstack. They wanted to raise the profile of their website Showcased to encourage Webflowers to use their cloneable and component library. I thought it would be best to differentiate the library from the Webflow Cloneables marketplace by emphasising how easy it was to use and just how many cloneables there were. With a combination of an article, newsletter adverts, podcast adverts and social posts over the course of a month, over 2000 webflowers had seen and heard the importance of showcased across multiple touch points.

Worst kind of sponsorships are when the client isn't actively engaged throughout the campaign - not giving feedback and/or indecisive. It means the creative isn't as thought through asit should be.

How will we communicate throughout the process?

Slack or whatever system you're already using for communicating within your company.

How do we determine what creative would work well for your audience?

I think it's important to identify 1 critical thing that you want to communicate that is truly going to add value to Webflower's lives. Often, companies try and communicate too much too quickly and customers switch off. A great ad should be idiot proof, memorable and have a clear call to action.

Should I do recurring slots or a one off placement

A one off sponsorship (ie. a week's worth of podcast adverts) isn't much help simply because people may need multiple touch points with a product or service before taking action. It also doesn't allow us to pivot the approach over time.

Which sponsors would be a good fit for Webflail?

Anyone who has a product or service that adds wvalue to webflowers lives.

Do you provide reporting?

Yes! At the end of ever week

Will you provide creative guideance to help me achieve my goals?

Yes, after wedecide to work together, I will come upwith creative ideas. Then, before putting any creative out there to the world, I'll sendit over for approval to be refined.

Can you show me some different examples of ad creative?
How will we track results?

We use Convertkit to track clicks for emails and Bitly for links in articles, social posts, vids and podcast.

Is there a discount if we have an ongoing relationship?

Yes, if there is a long standing sponsorship agreement (6 months or more)

How much do sponsorships cost roughly?

Between $1000 -$5000 dollars a month depending on creative required.


Carter Ogunsola

Just got done listening to this and it was fire 🔥

Asher Adanehi

listening to the new @webflail👌🏽

Victor okwegada

Amazing episode @webflail with @jackredley I hope the @webflow community can watch and learn.

Mike Castillo

After listening to @ayushsoni_io on @webflail, I've been inspired to tweet more and show more work in general. Really enjoyed listening to his thought process on sharing work on social media! :)

Juan Peces

Loving the contrast between Andrea's fast-paced, metralleta-speed talk and your suave but cheeky style. She certainly has the *ovarios* to pursue her goals, no matter what. 😅 Great episode!


Adding this episode to my queue. I'm sure it will be another banger. You're on a roll with this latest batch of episodes @JackRedley1! Keep 'em coming!

Mateus Vidal

Hey @webflail thank you for sharing the best podcast of the world! I’m top 1% fan according to Spotify 😂

Fabio Nobile

@JackRedley1 didn’t get the 2,000 mins of webflail, but I came pretty close 🤩. I enjoyed every one of the 1,637 minutes I spent with @webflail in 2023. Thanks for your work!

Laura Korycka

Not a bit stalkery 😇 Top 0.5% fan - this is me! @webflail

Kevin Arleo

Sometimes flowing, always flailing. Thank you @webflail

Andrea Morgan

When I thought it couldn't get any better, a quote from Bourdain in the @webflail pod ✨

Susan Graham

Feeling energised and ready for the day ahead after: 🥊 Gym class 🤸‍♀️ Stretch & mobility 🎧 Tuning into the latest @webflail episode with @lisamsilvia ! Let’s goooo!


AWESOME episode. Thank you fellow argentines Martina and Juan for sharing your inspiring story. I feel identified, being at the same "had an argentine agency, no-one in the US knows me, I'll start over" step. And thank you @JackRedley1 for creating this space.

Geenay Kotze

The last few months I’ve been on pods non stop - these are the go to faves — - My First Million 🚀 - @webflail🔥 - Diary of a CEO - Deep Dive Ali Abdaal - The Dept

Zebediah Miller

So excited for this one!


If you haven’t signed up to their newsletter, please do. Copy is just *chefs kiss*

Max Joles

Bookmarking this one.

Matt Evans

Amazing. So so much work and even more value. Congrats guys - keep smashing it.

CC Travis

Actually me too, that podcast caused me to completely change and start a new Twitter posting strategy


Listening now. Love this podcast.


Shout out @webflail . I love the podcast, it feels professional, but I’m a more human level. You guys are doing a great job for real.

Edgar Allan

I had the opportunity to join Jack on @webflail and mentioned… Failure is a stopping point. It’s the end. It should be understood and avoided.Flailing is a process of struggle, acceptance, learning, and progress.


Went for a quick ride between 2 calls to try the new bike this afternoon. Obviously catching up with the 2 last episodes of @webflail while riding. Go check them out ! Loved the bike. Loved the windy ride. Loved the podcast.


Love the podcast dude, keep up the great work!


Thank you for having me - it was such a fun conversation. (Also nice work on the research - I can't believe you found some of those old interviews)


Not a massive newsletter reader but I'm becoming a fan of the Webflail newsletter. The latest is a bit of gold and easy to read.


Thank you for putting this together Webflail! What a great list of tools and brief explainations for why they're a good fit for your workflow. Highly recommend checking out this article - and others - if you're looking to up your freelance game in any way!


YAY!!! Catching up now. Love these episodes


Been binge-reading Webflail articles. So much value. Thanks

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