12 Mins
July 26, 2022

12 Great Freelancer Websites To Inspire Your Own

Jack Redley

Your freelancer website is possibly the most important website you make as a freelancer. Certainly, I have found it is the most important website I have made in the first 3 years of my Webflow career.

It's your chance to show what you're all about to the client. You need to choose typefaces, colours, interactions, messaging, portfolio pieces and more - it can be really overwhelming.

When I was re-designing my website (a never-ending task frankly), I gathered these websites to inspire the re-design. All these websites have elements that I believe make great freelancer sites.

I recommend going through these and note what makes them work. Then, see how you can incorporate these elements in to your portfolio to level up your website. They are in particular order so dive right in!

1) Zero Code Girl


Zero Code Girl, Olga, has set up a stunning website which really shows off her sleek style with serif fonts, beautiful photography, and great work. What I particularly love is how clearly she has niched to “female-led studios and passionate dreamers.” It’s so clear from landing on the website whether she is the right web designer for the client.

2) Dennis Snellenberg


Dennis Snellenberg is a formidable designer who has done 30+ projects. I love that he has clear case studies on his website rather than just links to his website. It really means you can get a bit of context for the project rather than just the website link. His subtle animations on buttons and hover elements adds a classy element to this website too.

3) Joseph Berry


Joseph Berry is known for his smooth animations and clean typography (check out his awwwards course if you haven’t already). His website is beautiful showing off his projects and his involvement in each one - this is important for the client to know what your particular skillsets are.

4) Jomor


Jomor is a designer with tonnes of personality and has a website to match. With bold, huge typefaces, large images and sprinkling of Jomor’s humour, clients who are looking for an interactive website know exactly what they’re getting.

5) Grace Walker


Grace’s website is clear and precise. Her process orientated and exact style is shown by her website layout with grid lines visible in the web design. Her project case studies show off the objectives and outcomes of every project which are great to show off the effectiveness of her design too. Love this portfolio!

6) Ethan Suero


Ethan’s website is 1 page and extremely effective at showing clients what he can do for them and what they should do if they want to work with him. With a calendar icon fixed in the bottom right of his website, it makes it easy for potential clients to book a call.

7) Dexter Washington


Dexter’s website shows off his editorial style influenced by his background as a photographer. Rather than just showing work, Dexter is also keen to show off his writing and educational interest as a studio owner. With a huge cta at the bottom of his website, it’s clear what the user is meant to do which is really effective too.

8) Moritz Petersen


This website immediately has Apple vibes. Such a high end and clean aesthetic that has a premium feel. It’s not got tonnes of crazy animations but very intentional, subtle animations. I love how Moritz has put a lot of thought in to

9) Zhenya Rynzhuk


I have never seen anyone’s portfolio site that has such a distinct style as Zhenya. Her website seems to morph and flow on scroll - it’s alluring and playful. She doesn’t want to design boring websites and clearly revels in creating animating websites.

10) Sofia Papadopoulou


Sofia is a master of visual design and her flowing website shows this off tremendously. The icon being a star shedding light on anything the mouse scrolls over is so unique and memorable that clients wanting something extra special will hire her.

11) Dj Shiflet


Dj is a creative director at Combo.co and has a website that is like a digital high end store. The stunning photography really shows off her work well and I love the unique typography she uses for her logo. Clean, aesthetically pleasing and clear!

12) Richard Ekwonye


Richard has an unusual visual layout right from the loading page which captures your attention as the user. It shows his out of the box way of thinking and animation style and aesthetic taste really well. Love the horizontal scroll on project case studies.