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Jack Redley

10 tips to increase conversions on Webflow portfolio

April 2, 2024

Your portfolio is one of the hardest websites to make (or at least it was for me). I think it's because one of the hardest things to do in life is to know yourself. So imagine trying to turn that fuzzy idea in to visuals that make people want to talk to you. It's hard to read the label when you're inside the bottle but, fear not dear piglet, there are a few helpful things that Webflowers have told me a long the way to help you out.

By the way, I think the 10th tip is probably one of the most important - your portfolio is never done. It's kind of constantly evolving as you add work, develop as a Webflower and try different things out. A killer tool I use is Optibase to do this but more on that later (but if you can't wait, check out Optibase here)

Ok, let's go!

1) Be clear about what you do, who you do it for and why they should care

Clearest example of this is John D Saunders from 5Four Digital

When visitors land on your portfolio site, they should immediately understand who you are, what you specialize in, and whom your work serves. This clarity can be the difference between a visitor bouncing off your page and one that engages deeply with your content. Start with a concise tagline or statement that encapsulates your expertise and target audience. For example, "I create user-friendly websites for small businesses looking to grow online." Follow this with a brief explanation of why your services are valuable—perhaps highlighting your unique approach or results you've achieved for past clients. Remember, your goal is to resonate with the right people, not everyone. Making it clear whom your work is for helps attract your ideal clients and filter out those who aren't a good fit.

2) Optimise your site

Nothing says "bye-bye" faster than a site that loads at the speed of a sloth. Listen to the wise words of Kabarza on best practices when it comes to optimising your site

Optimize those images, streamline your code, and maybe cut back on the heavy animations. Aim for that sweet spot where it loads so fast, it barely gives visitors time to blink. Users expect quick loading times when they visit websites. Optimize images, use efficient coding practices, and choose a reliable web hosting service to ensure your portfolio site loads swiftly. A faster site improves user experience, reduces bounce rates, and can lead to higher conversion rates.

3) Scream "YOU" from the rooftops

Kin Studio have a portfolio that looks like no one else's. Copy is perfect and thoughtful, subtle animations throughout the site

Your portfolio is all about you and your work, right? Then make sure it reflects your personality and style. Use colors, fonts, and imagery that tell your story. When visitors land on your page, they should feel like they've just walked into your virtual home.

4) Easy-peasy navigation

ViDesigns has an insanely clear layout and navigation. You know how to navigate through the site easily on mobile and desktop.

If visitors need a map to get around your site, it’s time for a redesign. Keep your navigation simple and intuitive. Think of it like this: The easier it is for people to explore your work, the more likely they are to stick around and eventually hit that "Contact" button.

5) Show results where possible!

One of my favourite examples of killer showing results is Goodside Studio. They explain the story and how they played a part in helping their client go from A to B successfully.

Clients aren't just looking for beautiful work; they're seeking tangible results that positively impact their business. It's crucial to demonstrate how your creativity and expertise have translated into measurable outcomes for your clients. Did your website redesign lead to increased traffic, better engagement, or higher sales? Have your marketing strategies boosted brand awareness or generated more leads? By showcasing specific results, such as percentages of growth, revenue increases, or enhanced customer satisfaction ratings, you give potential clients a concrete reason to believe in the value of your work. Remember, success stories are compelling. They not only illustrate your skill but also your understanding of how to apply it effectively in a business context.

6) Testimonials are gold

Memorisely implements video testimonials to make them even more impactful. How can you implement something like this to make your testimonials real and live?

Got some happy clients? Flaunt their feedback! Testimonials are like word-of-mouth in the digital world. They build trust and show potential clients that you're the real deal. Plus, it's always nice to showcase a little love from those you’ve worked with.

7) Leverage the Power of SEO

Damn, Macu Studio churning out the blogs!

You’ve got a stunning portfolio, but can people find it? Implementing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies can significantly increase your site's visibility. Use relevant keywords in your content, optimize your site’s loading speed, and ensure it’s mobile-friendly. The easier it is for potential clients to find you through search engines, the higher your chance of conversion.

8) Include Clear Calls-to-Action (CTA)

Matt Evans has a no bullshit portfolio with clear CTAs guiding the user to booking a call

Don't leave your visitors guessing about what to do next. Whether it’s contacting you for a quote, viewing your latest project, or following you on social media, make your calls-to-action clear and compelling. Effective CTAs guide your visitors through your site, leading them closer to becoming clients.

9) Keep Your Content Updated

Hex.Inc is constantly updating their site. Fascinating example of a living portfolio

Regularly update your portfolio with your latest work, blog posts, or industry news. Keeping content fresh not only demonstrates your active presence in your field but also encourages repeat visits, increasing the opportunity for conversions.

10) Utilize Analytics and Feedback

You've slaved over your portfolio site. Your mum thinks it's good. Your brother thinks it's dog.

So why not put it to the test?

  • A/B Test Your Webflow Site: Measure how effective colour choices, design elements, copy choices, layouts and more on your webflow sites
  • No flickering: No flickering that can mess up your website’s UX
  • Performance: Test without impacting your website’s performance
  • Audience segmentation: Geolocation and screen size

Check out the tool here


Creating a compelling online portfolio is much more than just showcasing your best work; it's about weaving a narrative that captures your unique skills and vision. Look at how some of the best do it and rather than copying it, work out why it works and implement that design thinking.

By integrating social proof, optimizing your site for SEO, employing clear calls-to-action, utilizing analytics for informed adjustments, and continuously updating your content, you set a dynamic stage for your talents. Each component plays a crucial role in ensuring your portfolio not only stands out but also effectively converts visitors into clients. Remember, your online portfolio is a living, breathing entity in the digital realm, and its evolution mirrors your growth and adaptability as a professional.

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