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Jack Redley
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November 21, 2023
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November 14, 2023
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April 29, 2024
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Wtf is Webflail?

Oi oi, Jack and Will here.

Webflail was born out of frustration. Frustration about how freelancing looked so damn easy according to social media but how hard it was in reality.

Will, my brother is the mastermind behind the editing and just generally being a bright bloke while I ask the hard questions to bright Webflowers.

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Just discovered the @webflail podcast and now I can’t turn it off. It’s nice to hear about the journey of aspiring creatives and some of the ‘failures’ they’ve had along the way.


Listening now. Love this podcast.


Shout out @webflail . I love the podcast, it feels professional, but I’m a more human level. You guys are doing a great job for real.

Edgar Allan

I had the opportunity to join Jack on @webflail and mentioned… Failure is a stopping point. It’s the end. It should be understood and avoided.Flailing is a process of struggle, acceptance, learning, and progress.


Went for a quick ride between 2 calls to try the new bike this afternoon. Obviously catching up with the 2 last episodes of @webflail while riding. Go check them out ! Loved the bike. Loved the windy ride. Loved the podcast.


Love the podcast dude, keep up the great work!


Thank you for having me - it was such a fun conversation. (Also nice work on the research - I can't believe you found some of those old interviews)


Not a massive newsletter reader but I'm becoming a fan of the Webflail newsletter. The latest is a bit of gold and easy to read.


Thank you for putting this together Webflail! What a great list of tools and brief explainations for why they're a good fit for your workflow. Highly recommend checking out this article - and others - if you're looking to up your freelance game in any way!


YAY!!! Catching up now. Love these episodes


Been binge-reading Webflail articles. So much value. Thanks


My biggest recent failure was realizing that although I am subscribed to the podcast, I hadn't followed Webflail on Twitter yet! Went ahead and corrected that mistake!


Full article was so awesome man! Thanks so much for the value and it really got me thinking about a couple of things.


This was an interesting read. Started on the podcasts with Ep 3. where @ethansuero83 shared resonating points around @webflow projects. Now I'm hooked on the entire series.


It was a treat to read and definitely some practical tips to implement today. Thanks man.

Matt Evans

Another great @webflail episode with the super talented @dumemearts. Juicy value!!


Straight from the best in the game! Thank you to our @webflail friends and capturing the best content for us to learn from!


Likewise! Jack does an awesome job! Looking forward to this one.


Love a podcast while exercising! @webflail is currently my go to.


Honored to be mentioned on this week's @webflail Roundup! If you don't follow @webflail and @JackRedley1 yet, now is the time! Jack is always pulling amazing resources and interviews. Make sure to subscribe to the weekly newsletter too!


@webflail super excited for this one!


Just listened to this podcast and we genuinely need to have more conversations in the entrepreneurship/freelancer community where the hustle culture takes away from personal relationships.

🇿🇦 🇺🇸

Everyone should listen to this! It was incredible, thank you again for sharing, Melissa


Thanks for sharing legend. btw I love how you write like you speak. makes for an engaging read


Thanks for sharing Jack, some great insights here! I like how you bring some SEO in to the equation as a value-add for your clients.


Great format, great conversation. I'll have to watch the previous ones I missed...


Loved this! @CoreyGMoen on the Webflail podcast!


Gold Jack. Pure gold.


Straight from the best in the game! Thank you for our Webflail friends and capturing the best content for us to learn from!