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Why Cold Emailing Prospects Is Bullshit | With Shais Ahmad

The 3 “fails” he covers:

  1. Rejecting projects due to internal values and hence missing out on money
  2. Getting sued by one of your first clients at the tender age of 18
  3. Being constantly rejected for being "too young"

The Biggest Lessons From This Episode

1) Cold Emailing Less Effective Than Freelancer Platforms

A lot of people start by cold emailing people to try and get their first client. Do you ever respond to cold outreach? Probably not. Neither does the potential client your emailing. Instead, put time in to practicing the craft. Ensure you have 3 great sites that you can show potential clients. You can even make these cloneables and share them on Webflow which may get you some attention.

Then, go to freelancer platforms and find clients that are already looking for you. Bark, Upwork, Yuno Juno

2) Know Your Values

It's important to know what projects you do want to take and which you don't. Don't just take projects for money because money doesn't fulfill you - doing work for people you believe in on projects you actually want to see in the world does. Don't be afraid to turn down work if it conflicts with your internal values.

3) Do The Basics Well

Money comes when you are good at something. So ensure that you learn the basics of Webflow well. Know when Webflow is the best tool for your client and when it's not. Know what the different measurements mean. Learn the difference between a container and a div. Learn about the CMS and how to use multi-reference fields. Stop asking about how to get 10K clients and start asking how you can provide as much knowledge and value to your client as possible.

4) Leverage The Shit Out Of Your Work

Don't just post about your work once on social media and hope that magically, clients are going to be begging to work with you. Social media posts are NOT evergreen content that will magically keep bringing in clients. Post about your work on different platforms multiple times showing different aspects of your work. If you spend so much time creating the work, spend some time showing it off too!

5) Outreach Is NOT The No.1 Priority

Your No. 1 priority should be doing client work and nurturing your current clients and past clients. Make sure your immediate network is satisfied and you are offering amazing service. That way, you will get referrals from them and your network will grow as a result.

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