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Melissa Mendez - financial responsibility, hustle culture and naivity

Melissa Mendez is a web designer and growth marketer based in Orlando Florida.

She went to study advertising at college and after joined Datagran, a machine learning company, that was growing really fast. However, the company’s messaging didn’t align with their visuals and so Melissa re-designed and rebuilt their website with Webflow, as her first website. Conversion rates skyrocketed and the company grew even faster.

Melissa then pursued making websites as a freelancer and kept growing consistently getting clients. She grew her skillset and started making more and more impressive websites using Webflow. Melissa started Eurecah studio with her husband who is also a Webdesigner, and earlier this year, she started the Webflow Party with Keith Armstrong. Webflow Party is a community of Webflowers teaching, growing and sharing.

It feels as if Melissa is now everywhere in the Webflow community and it’s hard to imagine she has had many failures along her journey as a freelancer. However, as with anyone who has pushed their comfort zones to extraordinary degrees like Melissa has, Melissa has had her ups and downs too.

Also, Melissa has a dog called Leo that is normally lying down behind her on calls.

Our interview was so interesting and I'm excited to share it with you!

The Failures With Cover In This Episode

The 3 “fails” Melissa covers:

  1. Financial responsibility
  2. Hustle culture
  3. Naivity

The Biggest Lessons From This Episode

1) You can't do everything

Understand you can't do everything as a freelancer. There are skillsets that you don't have and frankly there are other people that are specialists in areas of your business you need help in. Investing in your business will prevent you from burning out by trying to do everything. Look in to softwares and tools that will make your business more efficient so you don't waste time on things you don't need to. In addition, invest in people who can help eg. Personal Assistant and possibly an accountant!

2) Set Clear Boundaries

Freelancing often involves juggling different plates. In your business, clients want work done, prospective clients want proposals and your brother wants a website done. On your business, marketing your services on social media, going on podcasts, writing case studies etc. All this work is difficult to manage without a system. As a result, it's important to set clear boundaries to protect your energy

3) Be Humble

A lot of young designers are acting as if they are the next Jeff Bezos without having any experience of the real world. They have never failed because they are so fresh faced. Since you never know what tomorrow could bring, stay humble even if you have had some success. Never look down on anyone and help others around you succeed.

4) Your partner shouldn't be living your dream

If you have a partner, they are partly responsible for your success. They support you through the highs and lows of freelancing. However, your dream is yours for you to fight for and he/she has his or her own dreams and they should be able to go after. Your partner is not your employee! Make sure you don't expect your partner to fight for your dream and sacrifice his/hers to do that.

5) Unfollow people that make you feel like shit

There are people that share their wins to teach you how to have the same wins. There are people who just brag about their wins. Make sure you follow people who make you feel like you grow every time you see their posts rather than feel like a small turd in the corner.

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