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How To Set Boundaries | With Jenna Manthe

The 3 “fails” she covers:

  1. Comparison - comparing my journey to other journeys
  2. Money - knowing the difference between being smart vs being stingy
  3. Contracts - always making sure things are clear to avoid sticky situations; I have a specific situation with another designer that I’ll tap into but will also chat broadly about it

The Biggest Lessons From This Episode

1) Make A Homebase Document

Write down your 6 month goals. Have financial goals (eg. earn x consistently) but also community goals (eg. make 5 webflow templates for the @webflow community).Refer back to this doc when feeling unmotivated or low and see how far you have come!

2) Comparison

Don't compare your success to others if their metric for success and journey is completely different.HOWEVER, sometimes, seeing someone kickass can inspire you or make you see you are undercutting yourself with your current mindset.

3) Smart vs Stingy

Know when something is an investment for your business rather than a cost. A tonne of useful tools and resources are free but know that you're not being smart if you're stingy all the time eg. buying a good office chair!

4) Get A Good Contract

Pls get a contract before starting work for clients or agencies. I don't care who you're working for (your best mate or an agency owner) or how quick the job needs to get done. Cover your back with a contract. Capiche?

5) Build In Public

If you're pushing a car, other people are more likely to come and help or at least cheer you on. Same is true when you share what you're building while you're building it. Share with the world on Twitter or wherever!

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