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How NOT to grow an agency | With Harry Roper

The 3 “fails” he covers:

  1. Scaling too fast.
  2. Agreeing to work that you can't do. Whether thats budget or just pure skills.
  3. Overpromising!!!

The Biggest Lessons From This Episode

1) Don't Scale Too Fast

Record your processes and ensure that you have the tools and systems in place to grow BEFORE making any hires. Harry also explains that you need to know what to track and have systems in place to take on hires. There is nothing more stressful than trying to manage client projects and also trying to manage a team.

2) Freelance -> Agency

Try freelancing and understand all the different parts of the webdesign process first. A lot of people ask whether they should start an agency or just be a solo freelancer but before asking that question, Harry advocates working out what parts of the client process do you like and dislike.

After working with a few clients, you might realise you dislike the design part of the project but like the development part. If that's the case, potentially finding someone to do the design part of projects would be necessary.

If you hire a freelancer to do this work and you get on well,

3) Key Systems And Processes

Onboarding process

Managing stuff

Document launch process

4) How To Do A Good Sales Call

Be yourself. You're not trying to sell, you're trying to solve a problem. Don't be a desperate suck up.

5) Be Honest About Your Abilities

If you're pushing a car, other people are more likely to come and help or at least cheer you on. Same is true when you share what you're building while you're building it. Share with the world on Twitter or wherever!

6) Is It Ok To Undercharge When You're Starting Out?

Undercharging means that you are charging less than you should. If you starting out, you will not be able to charge a lot because you don't have a lot of experience! You can't charge a lot without providing a lot of value! So charging very little at the start for a website project is not only normal but encouraged. Your first projects will be great for experience, portfolio pieces and project management learnings so focus less on money and more on providing a great website and experience for your client!

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