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How To Grow A Community | With Emily Lonetto

The 3 “fails” she covers:

  1. Pushing an automation too early
  2. Making a bot that sent free money linked to her personal phone!
  3. The lego marketing ploy that went hideously wrong

The Biggest Lessons From This Episode

1) Sandbox

Before anything goes live, ensure you test on a sandbox/enclosed space to test whatever thing your launching. It will save you embarrassment at work and prevent you from getting weird office nicknames...

2) Marketing

Not all marketing needs to be expensive or time consuming to change the game for your business eg. Building engaging micro-sites can be a great, viral way to potentially get tonnes of attention for your business.

3) Community Building

If you want to build a new community, start by finding your first follower. "Raise your hand and see if someone else will raise their hand too." Emily referred to this video to illustrate this!

4) Webflow Updates

Within next few weeks:

- Launch re-vamped global leads program

- Launch re-vamped

- Will launch road to conference community style program at Webflow Conference!

- Launching Community Grants Program (financial support + advice from team)

- Better opportunities for people to find their local tribe.- Bring offline side back in to how Webflow originally built- Focus on globalisation as a community

5) Building Relationships

Find the common ground between you and your first follower. Then, you will have something to bond over and others will be far more likely to join.

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