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Jack Redley

How to Actually Launch That Side Project in 2024 as a Webflow Freelancer

December 20, 2023

Launching a successful side project can sometimes feel like going into battle against invisible adversaries. You've got to conquer the voices of self-doubt, overcome the fear of failure, and climb a mountain of challenges. But guess what? The road to success isn't as steep as it seems. Those barriers holding you back? They're just misaligned mental perspectives, not insurmountable obstacles. In this article, we'll dig into the mindset shifts you need to start a side project. We'll silence the naysayers, embrace the thrill of possibilities, and get you mentally prepared for your entrepreneurial journey. Plus, we'll cover practical aspects like creating the perfect work environment, nailing deadlines, and validating your idea. So let's get started and pave your way to the career path you desire. Ready? Let's do this!

1) Mindset

No one cares

Maybe you're not starting the side project even though your environment, timing, finances - everything seems perfect so maybe, there's some mental stuff we gotta address first. Maybe there's a monkey on your back from your past - a bully that said that no one liked you or a parent that you're desperate not to disappoint on whatever success metrics they have told you that they care about or an ex-girlfriend/boyfriend that thought your side project ideas were a waste of time. Whoever they are, I want you to tell them to fuck off right now. Go on - say it. I can't hear you - say it louder. LOUDER. Even if you're reading this alone. Tell them to Fuck. Right. Off. Feel better? Here's why I want you to tell them to fuck off:

1) Lions don't care the opinions of sheep. And you're a lion my friend. Lions get out there do whatever they want to do in life. They're the main characters in their life. You are the main character in your life and for you to play out the life your meant to live, you need to let go of whoever made you question whether you should make this side project and, heaven forbid, post about it on social media. You don't need to carry them or their prickly words that they said to you around. You have let other people's opinions dictate your life and you're now going to move on.

2) That person is too busy focussing on their life and frankly, they don't give a shit what you're currently doing. Not in a horrible way. Just everyone is too busy focussing on their little life. You know it's actually really hard to get people to care about what you do? When I started Webflail and put it in the family chat, no one listened or replied. And they're my family! Important lesson learnt. If Webflail isn't for them, why should they care? The only people that do care are the ones that are as enthused and passionate about what you do as you. And people will care when they see how much you care if you are truly passionate and consistent!

Take the pressure off

I have found talking to friends about starting side projects, they have grand ambitions to build the Taj Mahal of side projects as if they have endless resources and time to build it. They put so much pressure on themselves to have something so great and impressive that in 5 years time, they plan on selling their side project to an agency... This is before they have even started. Inevitably, this overwhelms them and they do nothing about it. Take the pressure off the project by focussing less on the outcome and more on the process of doing it - one foot in front of the other.

Mind contrasting

Ok so as you may know if you listen to the Webflail podcast, I'm a massive Ali Abdaal fan. In fact, if he told me to punch my own face, I probably would (minus the probably). Anyway, the man has gold advice for general human noobs on productivity, entrepreneurship and more but this video really hit me like a train and I think it's highly relevant to this whole starting a side project malarky. Why? Because I reckon you have got some fundamentals wrong that you need to fix first.

First imagine what you're life would look like if you didn't start the side project. More of the same right? Freelancing/agency life. Not bad but not necessarily lighting your world on fire if you're thinking of starting a side project... So what could your life look like? What would your perfect Tuesday look like? Would would your dream result with this side project look like?

Now this is not to say that we are expecting success to come easily or putting pressure on this side project being the next big thing but I am saying that feeling the excitement of possibility is going to help kick you in to gear.

Great - now what is the gap between your thoughts and your actions? How can you closer align the reality you want and the reality you have? Can you carve out an hour from your regular life to just get that damn side project on the move?

Implementation Intentions

I love this one from Ali Abdaal - imagine what things are going to get in your way from actually doing this side project going and then work out what you're going to do when those obstacles hit you. Eg. To limit the impact of you're clients messaging you during your allocated side project time, you will mute all messages during that allocated time.

This will help you forsee the problems and limit their impact!

2) Practical bits and bobs

Ali talks about sorting your space out to make it as frictionless as possible to do whatever activity you want to do. So, wanna get that side project pumping? Clean your desk, put a fresh pair of pants on, block out some time in the day when you feel energised and inspired and go get it!

3) Give yourself a tight deadline

Michael Siebel has seen a few startups in his time as the Group Partner and Managing Director of YC Early Stage (the startup accelerator). Sound advice from an experienced gent.

Cut through the crap by giving yourself no analysis paralysis time.

What is the simplest bare bones thing that you can design and build to give users something to test. The quicker you can actually get something in to the users hands the quicker you can see whether this idea has legs or needs iterating (hint - it will need iterating).

4) Validate the idea

Eric Ries has incredible advice as someone that experienced how NOT to create a startup.

Want to get something validated? Why not just clone a project from something like, edit it to your liking and then get it out there? Send it out there to the world and start getting feedback. has banging filtering features and you can actually see what your cloning because you can change the size of the tiles using their clever UI. no excuse - get cloning and start validating!

This will validate the idea and give you some clarity on whether the idea can go anywhere. No shame if your initial hypothesis is completely wrong! But it's going to help you move in the right direction as you move forward with your side project idea. Pivot the idea or persevere by changing the positioning maybe.

ps. Lean Startup is great if you actually want to read it rather than just watch the video!


Alright, listen up! Starting a side project may seem scary, but trust me, you got this! Kick those mental blocks to the curb and unleash your inner lion! It's not about instant success, it's about enjoying the journey and learning along the way. Create a kick-ass workspace, schedule dedicated time, and tackle obstacles like a boss. Deadlines will keep you from getting stuck in indecisive loops and push you to take action! Remember, it's totally cool if your initial idea flops. Adapt, pivot, or keep pushing forward, as long as you're moving in the right direction. Don't let the haters bring you down. Embrace the opportunity and dive into your side project today! You got this, my friend!

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